Plastic bowl for heated drinker, light green, SH30, Kerbl


The plastic bowl for the SH30 heated drinker is an essential element of the system that ensures animals have constant access to fresh water. Made of high-quality, durable plastic, the bowl is resistant to damage and weather conditions, guaranteeing long-term use. It stands out with its light green color, which adds an aesthetic appearance and easily fits into various environments, from farms to home gardens. The special design of the bowl works in harmony with the SH30 drinker heating system, ensuring that the water does not freeze even on the coldest days. The practical design makes cleaning and maintenance easy, which is crucial for maintaining the hygiene and health of the animals using the drinker.

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Original producer code222062-10-2
Supplier code222062-10-2
Main EAN-135902385825276
Net weight1.28 kg
CN Code3926 90 97
Packing - logistic information1
Polish VAT rateTAX 23%
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