KERBL - New Covalliero spring/summer 2024 collection.

Comfort, functionality and simplicity in one

We present the latest spring/summer 2024 equestrian collection by Covalliero, which you can find in our CanAgri assortment. This year's collection is inspired by the color of the sky and sun. The collection includes a variety of clothing for riders, including riding jackets, training shirts and T-shirts, riding leggings, breeches, and thermal clothing ensuring comfort and style while riding.

We have not forgotten about our beloved equine partners. In the 2024 catalog you will find a wide selection of accessories, such as blankets, saddle pads, earmuffs, halters and tethers, which not only protect your horse, but also add elegance and functionality to it.

Covalliero - what brand is this?

Covalliero is an equestrian brand owned by the family company Albert Kerbl GmbH, which was founded in 2005. It specializes in the production of high-quality equestrian clothing, horse accessories, as well as helmets and riding footwear. Covalliero is known for understanding the needs of riders and horses, which allows us to provide products that are not only functional, but also stylish and safe. The brand enjoys recognition among both professionals and horse riding enthusiasts. Over the years, Covalliero has become a proud creator of new trends in the world of equestrianism, offering products of the highest quality

"Unleash your inner athlete" 

"Unleash your inner athlete" is the motto of the new sports collection from Covalliero, because this collection is more than just fashion. The Covalliero sports collection combines coziness, sporty elegance and unrivaled sports performance. The creators of the collection have created outfits that allow for the highest sports performance in the saddle and perfectly present the wearer.

A unique style in the trend saddlee!

Trends in the equestrian industry for the upcoming spring-summer season primarily focus on the classic, timeless style, which has been refreshed and adapted to the modern expectations of riders. A characteristic element of this aesthetic is the nonchalant interpretation of colors such as navy blue and brown, which have already gained popularity and many supporters in the autumn/winter season. New in this year's Covalliero collection is the use of airy mesh made of an innovative material that provides us with comfort even on hot days. This is an ideal solution for all equestrian enthusiasts who want to maintain freedom of movement and stay pleasantly cool during training.

Spring color variation

In this year's Covalliero collection, we will discover fresh shades that draw inspiration from nature, reminding us of the beauty of the sun and the earth. These unique colors will allow you to express your personality and style, adding a unique character to your clothes and accessories.

The color palette is wide and diverse, including shades such as:

  • irish cream,
  • olive,
  • chocolate,
  • dark navy blue,
  • pastel blue,
  • juicy orange.

What are the characteristics of the latest Covalliero collection?

Functionality, elegance, self-confidence, dynamics, athleticism - the Covalliero sports collection combines all these features.

  • Functionality - in any conditions and in any weather.
  • Elegance - which allows you to shine in the saddle.
  • Safety - because you can rely on the Covalliero brand.
  • Dynamics - for maximum freedom of movement.
  • Athleticism - because our fashion will help you perform at your best.

The materials used in the products are characterized by excellent quality, thanks to which even the smallest detail is refined with the greatest precision. The products are breathable, which means that they are able to effectively remove water vapor from the body. Thanks to this, wearers can enjoy a comfortable feeling of dryness and freshness, even during intense physical exercise. The textile fibers are specially designed to quickly wick moisture away from the skin, providing users with exceptional comfort.

Additionally, the material used in the Covalliero collection is flexible and perfectly adapts to body movements. This means that the clothes stay in place and do not restrict movement, even during sports or recreational activities. Thanks to this, functional clothing is not only durable, but also provides full freedom of movement, which is crucial for the comfort and satisfaction of users.